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To Watch "A Prophet's Reward" Live Sunday Program, (Formally seen on Prophet.TV) or Channels 1 through 4

First go to LOGIN/REGISTRATION in the menu above and enter your password, then go to the above menu and click WATCH CHANNELS, “FREE” SUNDAY or Channels 1 - 4

If you need a "FREE" SUNDAY PASSWORD to watch the weekly live program, register below and we will email you a "FREE" SUNDAY PASSWORD (Note: We DO NOT harvest, sell or spam you’re email)

If you have donated any amount via Zelle, you should have access to ALL 5 Channels located in the above menu WATCH CHANNELS otherwise, select UNLOCK CHANNELS in menu bar, click a donation choice, then follow instructions for realtime automated channel access.

** NOTICE: Elon Musk has revealed big tech is blocking communications with views they do not agree with. NOTE: If you contact us via @GMAIL.COM they bounce back our response to you. Google also reads and harvests you’re private emails therefore consider a private email like when registering on our site or communicating with everyone **

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